I worked for almost 15 years as a coffee and tea buyer with Simon Levelt B.V., a Dutch coffee importer and roaster and tea trader. I have broad knowledge of the coffee and tea market, as well as the Fair Trade and organic markets. I support development projects and promote trade with developing countries.


Importers in Europe

  • Consultancy for sourcing of new products or suppliers
  • Audits of potential suppliers in developing countries
  • Quality assessment van products or suppliers
  • Coffee and tea tastings and lectures

Exporters in developing countries

  • Consultancy on market-entrance
  • Supporting export marketing plans
  • Matchmaking
  • Market information
  • Training and coaching


For NGO’s, for example Handelsbevorderingsorganisaties

  • Courses or workshops
  • Collecting Marktet information
  • Supervision of trade missions
  • Supervision of participation of trade fairs
  • Project proposals