Joost Pierrot has a lot of experience in marketing of sustainably produced coffee, tea, cocoa, herbs, spices and other food ingredients. After almost fifteen years at Simon Levelt BV,  I started in 1999 as a free-lance consultant.

Simon Levelt introduced the first organic coffee and tea in Europe and was co-founder of Max Havelaar. Hence, I have thirty years of experience in the organic sector and the Fair Trade market. My company, Joost Pierrot Consultancy, is operating for more than fifteen years.

I assist European and especially companies from developing countries in setting up, developing and expanding their international business. I assist BSOs (Business Support Organisations) in their core activities. By traveling to more than thirty countries of origin I have a very broad network.

Assignments are executed for the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries in Rotterdam (CBI), Simon Levelt BV in The Netherlands, The International Trade Centre in Geneva (ITC) Common Code for the Coffee Community (4C), the Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and industry, and other organisations.