Afbeeldingsresultaat voor organic vision 2030   Organic Vision 2030

AFCA Conference and Exhibition –  February 2019, Kigali, Rwanda AFCA Training IMG_2010         Coffee Barometer 2018   (S.Panhuysen, J.Pierrot, June 2018) The report says that without significant efforts to adapt production to climate change, increase transparency in the value chain and improve social conditions on farms, global production will not be able to keep pace with rising demand. According to the Barometer, investors are spending billions in coffee company acquisitions and mergers, but coffee production on the ground is under threat from all sides.   Coffee Barommeter 2018

 Travels, trade fairs and conferences

  • NaamloosAfbeeldingsresultaat voor global coffee platform
  • 7 – 9  September 2016:  COTECA – International Trade Fair on coffee, tea, cocoa.
  • 15 January 2015: Deutscher Kaffeeverband (DKV). I presented on ‘Trends in the Trade of Certified Coffees’ on their New Year’s Congress.
  • 20 – 31 January 2015, Kenya: company visits to tea companies, participating in the CBI Tea Programme
  • 14 – 28 February 2015 : Travels through Vietnam and Indonesia to visit and coach coffee and tea exporters for the CBI ‘Food MRO_9247Ingredients Asia’ programme
  • 23 April 2015  Peer Group ‘Vegetable Oils’ with EU importers/traders
  • 19 May 2015  Peer Group ‘Tea’ with EU importers traders.
  • 30 June 2015  Peer Group ‘Coffee’  with EU importers/traders
  • 5-12 November 2014, I traveled for CBI in Colombia. Subsequently ,
  • 12-15 November 2014  I went to Sintercafe (see below).   My activities were dedicated to visiting conferences:
  • 11 – 15 October 2014:   I participated in the IFOAM General Assembly and Conference in Istanbul.
  • Sintercafe 412 – 15 Nov 2014: At Sintercafe in Costa Rica, I presented on ‘Trends in the Trade of Certified Coffees’
  • I was co-writer of the new edition of the Coffee Barometer 2014 (July 2014)
  • Since 2009, I am consultant for the project: ‘Promotion of Organic Coffee Production in Brazil’ Tierra Nova Fonds 2009-2016


  • 15 June – 5 July 2017: Export Marketing training in Kathmandu – EU Trade and Private Sector Development Project
  • 3 – 5 October, 2015  Nairobi: training: ‘Trade fair participation’  for tea exporters from Kenya
  • 1- 5 September, 2014    Lima, Tarapoto, Satipo:  I conducted three workshops on ‘Opportunidades para Exportadores de Café y Cacao en el Union Europea’  for CBI and Promperu
  • 19 – 25 October, 2014   Paris: EXPRO seminar for tea and coffee exporters from Indonesia and Vietnam for CBI
  • 24 – 29 November, 2014  Kenya, Nairobi:  BSOD Training for the CBI Kenya Tea programme. Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries.
  • 25 – 31 January 2015   Kenia, Nairobi: Company visits in Kericho for the CBI Kenya Tea programme

Market research

  • Coffee Barometer 2014.’  Panhuysen, S. & Pierrot, J., March 2014. Coffee Barometer 2014 explores the global and local dimensions of the coffee production system,  by observing how the social, economic and ecological aspects are intertwined. In view of the challenges faced by the coffee sector, market development for sustainable coffee and its procurement by the world’s Top Ten coffee roasters will be discussed. In conclusion, diverse aspects of a sustainable coffee sector have been linked to an agenda that places coffee farmers at the centre of strategies for change.
  • Trends in the Trade of Certified Coffees.’ Pierrot, J.; Giovannucci, D; Kasterine, A. –  2011 Statistics on imported volumes of certified coffees. ITC-International Trade Centre, Geneva