Writing on the new edition of the Coffee Barometer

Consultant for the project: ‘Promotion of Organic Coffee Production in Brazil’
Tierra Nova Fonds 2009-2016


28 – 30 October, 2013
Kenya, Nairobi:
Market Research Training for the CBI Tea programme

Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries

9 – 11 December, 2013
Kenia, Nairobi:
Export Marketing Planning for the CBI Tea programme

Survey for ITC

‘Trends in the Trade of Certified Coffees.’
Pierrot, Joost; Giovannucci, D; Kasterine, A. – ITC, March 2011
Statistics on imported volumes of certified coffees.
International Trade Centre, Geneva

International Trade Fairs

12 – 15 Febr, 2014
BioFach, The world´s leading Trade Fair for Organic Food, Nuremberg, Germany