My activities for the coming time are dedicated to visiting conferences:

– 11 – 15 October: I will participate in the IFOAM General Assembly and Conference in Istanbul.

12 – 15 Nov 2014: ASintercafe2t At Sintercafe in Costa Rica, I will present on: ‘Trends in the Trade of Certified Coffees’ – I was co-writer of the new edition of the Coffee Barometer 2014 (July 2014) – Since 2009, I am consultant for the project: ‘Promotion of Organic Coffee Production in Brazil’   Tierra Nova Fonds 2009-2016


1 – 5 September, 2014 Lima, Tarapoto, Satipo:   I conducted three workshops on: ‘Opportunidades para Exportadores de Café y Cacao en el Union Europea’  for CBI and Promperu 20 – 25 October, 2014 in Paris: EXPRO seminar for tea and coffee exporters from Indonesia and Vietnam for CBI

Survey for ITC

‘Trends in the Trade of Certified Coffees.’ Pierrot, Joost; Giovannucci, D; Kasterine, A. –  March 2011 Statistics on imported volumes of certified coffees. ITC-International Trade Centre, Geneva

International Trade Fairs

Naamloos24 – 26 September, 2014:  COTECA, Hamburg  Coffee-Tea-Cocoa Expo 19 – 23 October 2014:  SIAL, ‘the world’s largest food innovation place’

11 – 14 Febr, 2015: BioFach, The world’s leading Trade Fair for Organic Food, Nuremberg